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about me


Hello, I'm Laura!

If I were a colour, I would be a shade of blue.

The colour blue stands for feelings, for longing and trust, for vastness and depth.

My art has always been characterised by travel and encounters with people.


These are also two important components in my life that are very important to me personally - apart from art. These experiences are a great source of inspiration in my life. When I travel, I am always completely with myself and I open my heart to new landscapes to be discovered. Encounters and the often resulting deep conversations also inspire my colourful creations.

In 2020 I started writing an artistic cookbook after spending half a year in Italy in Florence taking art classes and travelling a lot. During this time I met interesting people and discovered my passion for cooking - because I already had it for food. 


This year in May 2023, I turned it into a blog with artistic tidbits to connect people, cook together or just for yourself. To bring the art & creativity closer to you and to give you joy in recreating the favourite recipes I have collected on my travels. 



All the best and Buon Appetito,

your Laura

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