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Artistic delicacies

An Art-Cookbook-Blog of a collection of hearty recipes, stories about encounters that became friendships and the love of Italy.

Texts, drawings & photos: Laura Koller | Food illustrations: Silvia Fossati

Thanks to everyone who supported me in this beautiful project. Silvia Fossati, who has made an important contribution to the blog with her wonderful illustrations, but above all my mother, who has supported me greatly in this project with her good sense of decoration and has helped with the cooking.

PROLOGUE: Cooking, painting and photography are very creative processes that require mindfulness, intuition and taste. As an artist, it was new to me to combine these areas, which made me all the more curious and open to this project. I hope you enjoy discovering and cooking my artistic delicacies!

About this artistic cookery blog:

Instead of a chapter numbering, the contributions have personal names as titles:

I started with the people I met one after the other in my life and time in Italy - except for my mother, of course. We both met again after four months in Brixen.



The people have the most diverse professions and different backgrounds - one is an artist, the other a globetrotter, one is an engineer and the other is a passionate gardener ...

Silvia Fossati's Art Studio you can find in the Via del Porcellana 34 r in Florence.


In the individual stories you will find small recommendations for excursions and gastronomy.

I tell about encounters that became friendships, which in turn led to cooking and eating together - an unusual cookbook (which I do here as a blog for you) that came about after my stay abroad in Italy.


The dishes already exist, they have been cooked in Italy and were recreated by my mother and me in Austria. A special kind of recipe collection, a collection of starters, main courses and desserts that I experienced and tasted in Italy. and taste in Italy and which may now join each other in my book blog.


The dishes comes from the rich trove in mum's kitchen cupboard. We plucked the decorations from her little balcony paradise.

handmade Polpette of my Mum


The coloured pencil drawings were partly created during my stay in Italy and partly served as sketches for my large series of paintings. “6 months of Italy”


Once a week I will put a story about a special encounter online, including their favourite recipes. You can download the recipes in German and English.

buon appetito,

Laura of

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