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Heidi & Christopher

I met them in November 2018. My boyfriend at the time worked in their boutique hotel and so it happened that I could get to know this wonderful place with the local people. The hotel in Tuscany had not yet opened when I was visiting and I can still remember very well the first day of getting to know Heidi & Christopher.

Photocredits: ©private, ©Lupaia

We just came back from a nice walk among the vineyards and olive trees and made ourselves a little italian snack in the kitchen. Although the kitchen staff was already there, I wasn't afraid to lend a hand myself and wash our dishes.

Meanwhile, Heidi and Christopher came into the lounge and just as I was coming out of the laundry room, Christopher was standing in front of me. A little irritated at my height of 1 metre 86, with a surprising "You're tall!" we all had a very cosy evening together, which was to be followed by many more. That's how I ended up spending my first karaoke evening with them.

Luckily, we had a Negroni (classic cocktail from Italy with a bitter-sweet taste) beforehand - after that, singing was only half as bad. That was also when I spent my first New Year's Eve in Tuscany, unaware that a year later I would spend "Campodanno" (New Year's Eve) in Florence.

Fantastic view of the beautiful surroundings

With a colourful and very likeable group, we slipped into the New Year with a wonderful New Year's Eve fondue. That evening I sang "Rolling on the River" together with a very talented amateur singer. I just thought "OK, I feel sorry for you guys already when I sing - but eyes closed and through" and it really was one of the most fun evenings I spent there.

At that time, I also got to know the whole team, who were very charming and eager, even though I could only say a few single words in Italian at that time.

Homemade ravioli under the guidance of Lupaia's chef Andrea

Among other things, I got to know the chef Andrea, who together with his team conjures up fantastic dishes full of passion and as a guest you even get an insight into Italian cuisine. I am very grateful that I was able to get to know this wonderful place and the people associated with it. I was inspired to take pictures by the landscape and the beautiful estate, discovered my love for Italy and the Italian lifestyle, friendships were made and interesting projects came up.

The hotel is very soulful and Heidi has a wonderful sense for the interior. Lupaia is a place to enjoy with all your senses.

Hör dir hier meine 1. Kennenlern-Geschichte auf Deutsch an von meinem Art-Cookbook-Blog Viel Freude beim Anhören!

"Rigatoni alle Norma" One of Heidi's & Christopher's favourite recipes.
Download PDF • 2.77MB
Download PDF • 2.77MB

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